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Lost Car Keys

Auto Locksmith Liverpool has over the years as the technology used in cars has evolved, so has the function of the car key. Today a car key is used to not only open or close the door but it is used to control every aspect of the car from a distance. Hence, when an individual loses his/her car key in Liverpool, it becomes extremely important to replace the lost car key in Liverpool.

Before Auto Locksmith Liverpool starts making a duplicate of the lost car key, we need to have some information in place

Key Code - You will find this information in the owner’s manual. Remember every car has a unique key and a unique key code. If your car is not locked, you can find this code inside the door panel.

VIN number - This number is vehicle identification number. Again, this number is a unique number and is needed to create a duplicate of the lost car keys in Liverpool.

Vehicle registration - This information is needed as proof that the vehicle is registered to you. This is a requirement mandated by law to prevent thieves from making duplicate keys posing as the owner of the car.

Driver’s License and Insurance - Since the original key has been misplaced, the maker of the duplicate key will need proof that the car belongs to you. The insurance details are needed in those cases where the loss is covered by the insurance agency.

Car Model and Date of manufacture - Each model and manufacturer has a unique lock and key system. Hence, it is important to know the maker of the car and the year in which it was manufactured.

Now that we have this crucial information, let us list out the steps to make a duplicate key.

Locate a locksmith in your area - You will have to find a locksmith service which creates duplicate keys for the model of your car.

Ask for a quotation from different locksmiths in your area - It is always better to compare prices. Describe your situation to different services and compare the prices offered by them.

Provide the services all the information they need - Do not hold back any information such as the model and year of manufacture, registration and insurance details. Also, include information like security measures added by the car manufacturer. This will help the services provide you a proper quotation and time period for the repair.

Select the locksmith service- Your selection should be based on those services which can provide you a service within your price range and who can service you immediately.

As a car owner, it is imperative that you are present during the making of the duplicate key. This is to ensure that the locksmith has all the required documents and permissions from you before he creates the duplicate for the lost car keys in Liverpool.


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